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Recent Posts in Naturalization Category

Citizenship for Children

There are several circumstances in which a child born outside of the United States may acquire citizenship. The first one I will discuss is when the child's parent is a citizen of the United ...
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Physical Presence Exceptions

In a previous discussion, we talked in general about the physical presence requirement of the naturalization process. We also discussed the continuous residence requirement. Although, physical ...
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Aggravated Felony and Immigration Consequences

Criminal convictions can, in some cases, have a detrimental impact on your immigration status. The Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 101 (a) 43 provides a descriptive list of what the ...
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Continuous Residence

Naturalization requires the applicant to meet certain residency and presence requirements regarding their stay in the United States. Continuous Residence and Physical Presence are essential terms any ...
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I've seen first hand the difficulties facing an applicant going through the naturalization process in the United States. My beautiful wife was born on the island of Jamaica. Prior to our marriage, ...
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