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Lawrenceville Immigration Lawyer

Immigration Appeals in Lawrenceville

If your petition to remain in the United States has been denied by an Immigration Judge, you have recourse to higher courts. The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) can review the decision issued and if further appeal is required, the federal court of appeals and even the Supreme Court may review your case. It is rare that appeals would go that high, but these options may be available if needed.

Appellate procedure does not allow for the case in question to be reheard. Rather, the higher court reviews the processes and decisions of the lower court. They may identify procedural errors, fundamental legal errors, abuse of discretion, or constitutional questions. If this occurs, they may remand the case back to the lower court with instructions on which factors to correct before issuing a revised decision. The appellate court may otherwise reverse the lower court’s decision, in which case the new decision will supersede it. Of course, they may also choose to uphold the original decision. With the help of a Lawrenceville immigration lawyer serving Gwinnett County, you can increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

Legal Representation for Immigration Appeals

As you only have 30 days in which to request an appeal with the BIA, it is imperative you contact Law Office of Robert L. Booker as soon as possible. Our firm is dedicated to doing all we can to achieve the best possible results for you. Our attorneys are adept at identifying bases on which to appeal and creating a persuasive legal brief to support your case. Appeals are usually conducted wholly in writing but on rare occasions require that oral arguments be presented. When needed, we can also act as an advocate for your rights in this capacity.

Contact a Lawrenceville immigration attorney right away if you wish to appeal an unfavorable immigration decision.

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