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Lawrenceville Immigration Attorney: The Process

The Immigration Process

The immigration process is governed by various laws and guidelines regarding entering, working and living in the U.S. If you are considering immigration, or are seeking legal permanent residency, contact a Lawrenceville immigration attorney for valuable legal advice regarding immigration procedures.

The four general categories of immigration include:

  • Family sponsorship – a U.S. citizen or green card holder (permanent resident) sponsors a family member that wants to immigrate to this country.
  • Employer sponsorship – a business hires a non-U.S. citizen and sponsors their immigration to this country.
  • Asylum - a non-U.S. citizen that is being persecuted is given asylum in this country.
  • Diversity lottery – an annual lottery in which 50,000 green cards are awarded.

The first step in the immigration process is securing a visa. There are many different categories of visas that can be issued, depending on the circumstances of each case. This includes student visas, work visas, fiancé and marriage visas. Persons applying for immigration may have to wait many years before their application is approved due to the annual quotas that have been established for each country. Most immigration applicants will end up being put on a waiting list. The Diversity lottery is another option for persons seeking permanent residency in the U.S., however it was designed to increase immigration from underrepresented nations, and excludes many countries.

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An immigrant must already have a visa before they can apply for a green card or permanent residency. After their application for permanent residency has been submitted, a background check is conducted by the Department of Homeland Security to ensure the person has no history of immigration or criminal violations. Once permanent residency has been approved, the person must wait five years before they can apply for citizenship.

Law Office of Robert L. Booker is a qualified immigration law firm that can explain immigration policies in more detail and discuss your eligibility for a visa. We can also prepare and submit your application for permanent residency. Our firm is dedicated and hardworking, and will skillfully guide you through the immigration process.

Contact a Lawrenceville immigration lawyer from our firm to find out more about the immigration process and how to apply for a visa.

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