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Marriage Visa in Lawrenceville

Lawrenceville Immigration Lawyer

If your spouse wishes to immigrate to the United States or is already present in the country but wishes to adjust their status to that of legal permanent resident, Law Office of Robert L. Booker can help. We are compassionate regarding your situation and a Lawrenceville immigration attorney from our firm can meet with you to discuss your options. We serve clients throughout Gwinnett County and are committed to providing helpful information and assistance tailored to your specific circumstances. We can also provide guidance for including minor children and other beneficiaries in the process.

Do you need a visa for your husband or wife?

If you are a United States citizen or permanent resident but your husband or wife is not, there may be options available to address both of these issues. You may also be able to obtain a fiancé visa so that your partner can join you in the United States, ultimately as your spouse.

If your spouse is outside of the United States, our firm may be able to help obtain a green card on the basis of their relationship with you and they can then enter the country as a permanent resident. At times, this process can be lengthy but we can also take steps to have your spouse join you before the green card is approved. This requires obtaining a K-3/K-4 non-immigrant visa which allows a spouse to enter the U.S. while their Petition for Alien Relative is pending. This visa also allows them to obtain employment right away. If your spouse is already in the United States, we may be able to help with an adjustment of status in which they achieve their permanent resident status.

Contact a Lawrenceville immigration attorney for help with seeking a visa for your spouse.

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